Our Mission Statement

We are building an agricultural conscious society in livestock production through effective training and field practice.

1. Premium Training Programmes – CityDrill

a. Pig farming and feed formulation
b. Snail farming and feed formulation
c. Fish farming and feed formulation
d. Grasscutter farming and feed formulation

2. Sales of Livestock feed – CityFeed

a. Pig feed production: For Grower, Starter and Finisher
b. Fish feed production: For Catfish production

3. Commercial Pig Production – PigPalace

a. Sales of Live weight slaughter Pigs
b. Sales of Live weight breeder stock

4. Pig Slaughter And Processing – PorkPalace

a. Frozen Pork production
b. Pork Suya production
c. Pork Pie production
d. Fried Pork production
e. Pork Nkwobi production

5. Lovecity Investment - CityVest

CityVest is an investment platform for Lovecity Consultancy services, where investors buy shares and take part in the sharing of yearly profits.


Cost per unit: N200
Total shares: 150, 000 units
Consultancy: 70,000 units
Cooperative: 5,000 units
Others: 75,000 units